simon bosesSimon Boses creates an ongoing mythology through ceramic narrative figures. His myth is influenced by the events of his life, often drawing upon threads of common human experience. Simon’s creations have a surface meaning that is easy to recognize. Further investigation reveals the use of a library of symbols developed over a lifetime to layer ideas into the physical form. Allowing a deeper, subtler symbolism in the piece.

“A piece is successful when it connects to the audience through a familiar moment. I try to set a benign trap. Holding up a mirror can be harsh, but if you couch that reflection in the “cuteness” of an approachable, cartoony figure you can draw an audience in. Then when their guard is down, whisper a hint of social commentary. When the audience recognizes that narrative as something from their own lives, possibly something they never took time to think about I consider it to be a success.”


Simon was born in Bethlehem, Israel, but grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida exploring the area’s rich and diverse art community. After earning his BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art Simon was awarded a residency at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in Houston, TX. His work has been shown in galleries across the country. Simon currently lives in Seminole, Florida where he spends his days balancing raising a family and creating the sculpture he’s so passionate about.